Planning a Reunion

To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.

Leonard Bernstein

Reunion Planning Help

We love seeing alumni getting together. That’s why we’re implementing criteria for event promotion through our social media and website. We’ve been at this a long time and know the pain of producing an excellent event. We’ve helped promote many school-related events and are happy to help yours.

This includes reunions for a specific year, ones for the entire school’s history, as well as city-based get-togethers. We ask that you return the favor by letting your members know about us.

If you have a series of events, please send us the final schedule so that we can plan accordingly.

Facebook Group Promotion

All alumni event promotion in our Facebook group must be approved by the admin. This means one point of contact, no more than one post a week, and only with admin approval. Abusing this privilege will result in post deletion and possibly removal of the member for the group.

This allows a streamlined promotion of the event for a professional presentation. Our experience has been that otherwise, the group gets flooded with promotional posts.

Website and Social Media Promotion

Events posted on the official alumni organization website must follow the criteria on the website. There is a free option and an upgrade option for a small fee. That fee covers labor and other costs.

Free Basic Listing: You’ll get the date, place, and contact info listed free.

If you are organizing an alumni event, contact us to learn how you can grow your event through an expanded and dedicated page.

* The Executive Director reserves the right to promote certain events beyond the agreement. This can include promoting the event on our other social media vehicles. This includes our Facebook group and page, LinkedIn, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Threads. We do not, at this time, have sponsored posts, but often cross-promote.

Some Basic Reunion Planning Tips

See Planning a Reunion for more details

Planning a high school reunion can be an exciting but challenging task. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you plan a successful high school reunion:

Determine the Reunion Type: Decide on the type of reunion you want to organize. It could be a milestone reunion (e.g., 10th, 20th, 30th year), a multi-year reunion (combining several classes), or an all-alumni gathering.

Create a Reunion Committee: Form a committee of enthusiastic alumni to share the responsibilities of planning and organizing the event. Assign specific roles to each committee member, such as event coordinator, finance manager, communications manager, etc.

Set a Budget: Decide on a budget for the reunion, including venue costs, catering, entertainment, decorations, and any other expenses. Determine how you will fund the event, either through ticket sales or sponsorships.

Choose a Date and Venue: Select a date for the reunion, preferably during a time when most alumni are likely to attend (e.g., summer or holiday season). Secure a venue that can accommodate your expected number of attendees and fits within your budget.

Create a Guest List: Compile a list of potential attendees by reaching out to fellow alumni through social media, email, or alumni associations. Consider using online platforms or event management tools to track RSVPs and communication.

Send Out Invitations: Send out invitations well in advance to allow attendees enough time to plan their attendance. Utilize various communication channels like email, social media, and physical mail to reach all potential guests.

Plan Activities and Entertainment: Consider activities and entertainment that will appeal to a diverse group of attendees. Ideas include live music, photo booths, games, memorabilia displays, and possibly speeches from notable alumni or teachers.

Arrange Food and Beverage: Coordinate with the chosen venue or catering service to provide food and beverages for the event. Consider dietary preferences and restrictions of your guests.

Organize Memorabilia: Display old yearbooks, photographs, and other memorabilia to evoke nostalgia and encourage conversations among attendees.

Set Up a Registration Process: Set up an online registration system or ticketing platform to handle RSVPs and ticket purchases. This will help you keep track of attendance numbers and manage payments effectively.

Promote the Event: Continuously promote the reunion through various channels, such as social media, alumni newsletters, and community events. Encourage attendees to spread the word and bring along other classmates.

Confirm Details with Vendors: As the event date approaches, reconfirm all arrangements with the venue, catering service, and entertainment providers to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Prepare Welcome Packets: Create welcome packets with essential information, including event schedules, maps, and any other relevant details for attendees.

Delegate Duties for the Day: On the day of the reunion, ensure that each committee member knows their specific responsibilities, from registration to managing activities.

Enjoy the Reunion: Once everything is in place, relax and enjoy the reunion with your fellow alumni. Capture memories with photos and encourage everyone to stay connected after the event.

Remember, planning a high school reunion takes time and effort, but it’s worth it to bring classmates together and reminisce about the good old days. Happy planning!

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