We’re independent of District 218, Shepard, Palos Heights, and the Wizard of Oz.

Why We Are Independent

Our independence is driven by a simple goal: encourage alumni.

We want to see the students of District 218 thrive. We want the teachers, parents, and management to work together toward the singular mission of educating and inspiring students. We’re on the side of the graduate, but we know that great grads start with a great education.

By remaining independent, we can stay focused, unencumbered of clearing things through PTAs, district boards, and ad hoc committees.

We stay out of that. We keep out arguments about budgets, current crises, and the politics of the day. We think long-term about you.

This allows us to speak frankly while respectfully. High school is a complex time and we understand we all had different experiences.

We aren’t a fundraising arm of the school or the district. That means we aren’t a booster club. We’re self-funded and self-driven.

We want it to be clear:

We’re independent. We’re alumni standing together.

Stand with us.

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