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Want to Work at Shepard?

Go ahead, make a Mr. Kotter joke. Then, go apply.

Shepard has grown over the years. More moving parts. More clubs, more teams, more classes. That means more jobs.

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Current as of April 9, 2024

Assistant Football Coach
Assistant Game Club Sponsor
Assistant Girls Basketball Coach
Assistant Speech Coach
Cafeteria Monitors – Part Time
Chess Club Sponsor
CTE – Technology and Engineering Education (Industrial/Applied Tech)
Director of Career and Technical Education and Summer Programming
ELL/Bi-Lingual Spanish Teacher (1 semester only
Head Boys Basketball
Head Game Club Sponsor
In School Suspension Supervisor
Night Custodian
School Guidance Counselor
Seasonal Security
Substitute Teacher
Teacher Assistant – SPECIAL EDUCATION
Technology Assistant
Temporary Social Worker

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URGENT: Alan B. Shepard High School

Paraprofessional role.
Work with some of our special education or multi needs students
7:50 a.m. to 3:20 p.m.
180 days/year
Starting salary ($18.15/hr)
13 sick days
Access to credit union
Join our union
Retirement is in IMRF.
Email Kathy Lachowicz kathy.lachowicz@chsd218.org
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