Chicago Food

Chicago defines some of the greatest food in the world. We invented some, perfected others. In some cases, we just eat more of it than most other cities.

Here are a few. Let us know if we’re missing any. Ands yeah, we know that’s not a picture of a classic Chicago dog.

  • Brownies
    1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition invention. Originally made with used semi-sweet chocolate, walnuts and an apricot glaze. Recipe.
  • Chicago barbecue
    They just don’t make it quite right anywhere else.
  • Cinnamon rolls
    You know those from that one famous place.
  • Deep-dish pizza
    Which pizza joint is your favorite? We miss Barone’s. Here’s the history of pizza.
  • Flaming saganaki
    Invented here.
  • Giardiniera
    People put this as a condiment on pizza, hot dogs, and Italian beef.
  • Hot dog
    Gotta have poppy seeds on it
  • Italian beef sandwich
    Maybe invented here, but definitely perfected in Chicago. Needs a cold beer to wash it down.
  • Jibarito sandwich
    Invented here — Puerto Rico-style sandwich. Steak + garlic mayo, tomato slices, lettuce, onions and cheese. Use fried plantain instead of bread.
  • Pierogi
    Polish dumplings
  • Pizza puffs
    Not a calzone but still popular here
  • Popcorn
    Cheese and caramel is a Chicago thing
  • Rainbow cone
    Since 1926 — invented here
  • Steak
    People are steak long before, but because of the stockyards, we eat more than most.
  • Tamales
    We didn’t invent them, but we do have lots of people from Latin America. Especially popular is the mother-in-law — a tamale on a hot dog bun, topped with chili.

Got a Good Recipe?

Hot Dog

Places We Ate

Some places took over the space of some favorites.

  • Aurelio’s Pizza (Palos Heights)
  • Barnaby’s (Worth)
  • Barone’s Pizza (Crestwood)
  • Baskin Robbins (Palos Heights)
  • Bonanza (Worth)
  • Bon a Pit
  • Brown’s Fried Chicken (Orland Park)
  • Cal’s Roast Beef (Crestwood, Worth)
  • Capri
  • Chicken Unlimited (Palos Heights)
  • Country House (Crestwood)
  • Courtyard Restaurant (Palos Park)
  • Dog n’ Suds
  • Dunlap’s Restaurant (Palos Heights)
  • Dutchie’s
  • El Dorado (Crestwood)
  • Franklin’s Pie Co.
  • Frosted Mug (Alsip)
  • Giordano’s Pizza (Palos Heights)
  • Granny’s Hot Dogs
  • Hackney’s (Palos Park)
  • Happy’s Pizza (Worth)
  • Harvest Room
  • Herb’s Grill (Palos Heights)
  • Hobknob’s (Palos Park)
  • Jack Gibbons Garden
  • Jeremiah Sweeney’s (Orland Park)
  • Jolly Jay’s
  • Jonathon’s
  • Jr’s Hot Dogs
  • Juliani’s
  • Kirby’s Hot Dogs (Palos Heights)
  • Lumes (Palos Heights)
  • Lupe’s Pizza (Worth)
  • Mama Vesuvio’s East (Palos Heights)
  • Mango’s (Crestwood)
  • Matterhorn (Palos Park)
  • Mickey’s Gyro’s (Worth)
  • Palos Square (Palos Heights)
  • Pancho’s Villa
  • Peppo’s (Palos Hills)
  • Petrula’s Hot Dogs (
  • Pizza Pete (Orland Park)
  • Plush Horse (Palos Hills)
  • Ponderosa (Palos Heights)
  • Pooches
  • Poppin’ Fresh Pies / Bakers Square (Palos Heights)
  • Pops (Palos Heights)
  • Rod’s Drive-in (Palos Heights)
  • Royal Berry (Palos Heights)
  • Russo’s Pizza (Alsip)
  • Sam Buca’s
  • Sophie’s (Palos Hills)
  • Stump’s Pub (Worth)
  • Tin Lung (Palos Heights)
  • Toby’s
  • Traverso’s Pizza (Orland Park)
  • Willie’s Weenie Wagon
  • Willoughby’s
  • Winchell’s Donuts (Palos Heights)

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