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Can You Help?

Friends, Can you help? We want to make Shepard Alumni better. We don’t charge a membership fee, but rely instead on your donations and advertising. Thank you!

Use PayPal through the link below, or head to Venmo: @anthony-trendl

Shepard Alumni is over two decades years old! With over 3,000 members as a wholly independent group, we’re asking for financial support. As a group, we aren’t a non-profit and hope you will give to help this effort.

In 2001, a few days after 9-11, we realized how important it was for us to come together. Many friends have reunited. Some even have fallen in love and gotten married. We’ve remembered our favorite teachers, classmates, and lunches. We’ve lifted a glass to fallen friends.

  • Web costs. We pay for the domain, design, and server space. Your help is quite welcome.
  • Advertising. This is a mix of Facebook, print outlets and select websites. If you would to advertise with us, please do.
  • Time. We’ve (which means me) invested many hours a week into growing and maintaining our group. We’ve built this group as well as a LinkedIn networking page for alum, and other social media. We’ve screened every member, spread the word across the Southwest suburbs, and have done our best to involve each of you.

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