Alan B. Shepard High School Alumni

Dedicated to Building Community

Find old friends, remember the good times, and reconnect with the great days of youth.
Students, staff, faculty, and parents are all welcome.
Find out how we started.


We’re independent. We’re not under District 218, but we are the de facto alumni group. You don’t have to agree with everything Shepard did or is doing, but say things respectfully. We’ll do our best to keep a free rein, work to engage as many members as possible, and promote reunions.


We are a gathering of alum from all years. And teachers. And staff. We’ve a few recent grads who are fresh out of ABS as well as parents. We are remembering the good old days, cringing about the awkward days, and cheering each other on all these years later. Contact us.


Promoting small and large alumni gatherings. We offer free and paid listings. Find out what’s happening for your year.


We were there. We had the same teachers, played on the same teams, and sat in homeroom together. Let’s share some laughs, groans, and smiles.

Yesterday & Today

Whatever Shepard was for you — good, bad, or ugly, we’re here now. Let’s make the most of it.

About Shepard Alumni

We’re a group of grads who know where we’re from. For a few years, we were all together, and now, we want to continue those friendships. Many of us grew up in the same neighborhood and others of us met as we got off the bus for the first time.

What an adventure those years were. Some were marred by strikes, others by scandal, and others by fights. We pulled through. You, me, all of us.

Whether you graduated way back when or in 2022, we’re glad you did.



We’re virtual, but we’d love to hear from you.


Why Join?

The easy (and true) answer is “because.” Because… you’ll reconnect with old friends, the people who helped you become who you are. We all need friends. Because it is good to stay connected and remember the great days of high school.

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