Association Future

We want to see well-attended get-togethers and reunions, Shepard grads networking and growing in their lives.

Thinking Forward

More Members
A trillion members? Maybe that’s a stretch. Quite possible is 5,000. That’s less than 2,000 more than what we have now.

We’re on a constant membership drive. While we have well over 3,000 members, we know there are thousands more alumni. You an help us. If you know people who attended Shepard, let them know.

As we can, we’ll buy ads on social media and the local press. We are happy to talk with media.

I’d love to bring in sponsors from businesses which benefit from Shepard students, faculty, and, of course, alumni. When part of our community grows, we all grow. Advertise with us.

Assistance with Events
We aren’t able to organize your events, but we can help promote them. Free basic listings can help get the word out and bring people together.

Any features you’d like? Contact us with your ideas.

Our Vision

We want to see all of Shepard grads connected, whether as old friends, new friends, or through business relationships.

Our Mission

We want to encourage grads to move through life as good as they can be. 

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